The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 gets some new colors

The Xiaomi Mi Mix got a lot of love from Xiaomi with a new white color scheme. Now, it’s the Mi Note 2’s turn to shine with not just one, but three completely new color options. And unlike the white Mi Mix’s more off putting look, the new Mi Note 2 colors look absolutely stunning.

The first of the bunch, and arguably my favorite is the green Mi Note 2. The curved glass rear of the Mi Note 2 gives the green sheen a nice emerald-like look to it. It looks very elegant, and results in an even smexier looking Mi Note 2.

The next color on display at CES is a purple look that harkens back to when Sony used to make purple Xperias. It’s definitely a fantastic sheen, even somewhat regal looking to a degree. Unlike the emerald-looking green however, the purple Mi Note looks more like ceramic than glass.

And the final new color on display is a familiar looking pink color. Honestly, this one is more boring than the rest to me simply because it looks like any other rose gold device. It still looks good, and the pink makes it look more metallic than the other two.

And that’s it. Were you expecting some sort of flatter version of the Mi Note 2? Of course you weren’t, I mean, where’s that the sense in that, right? Obviously this is what we need, aside from making sure they’re exclusive to China.

So, which one of the three is your favorite? Or do you prefer the original black version more than these new colors? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments section below. Unless your opinion is that Xiaomi should release a flat Mi Note 2 internationally. That’s simply ludicrous.

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