Vernee trying to focus on aesthetics and diversity

One of the certain trends of the last few years is a homogenization and uniformity of the looks of the mobile phones. Back in the days you could just tell the brands apart with just a single look, but now ? Everything looks more or less the same with very low level of identity, just take a look at the picture in title.

On one hand it’s caused by the customers paying more attention to the actual hardware inside the devices than purely the design part, but the looks are still not negligible. Just look at the displeasure of some new Apple models owners complaining about the same design as the previous generation despite the more powerful hardware packed inside. Or the drop in sales for Samsung S5 due to over the top likeness to the older S3 and S4 in terms of design. So yes the design part still matters.

You can still see some manufacturers trying to offer at least some sort of an individual feeling of uniqueness and distinctive features, so there is still some hope for the future the bland homogenity of all the models will not become a majority things. One of those, who are trying to go their own way at least partially are Vernee with their Mars model.

Vernee Mars is trying to adopt a clean and symmetric design with no physical buttons and logo. The 2.5D display has rounded sides and corners and thanks to Gel Suspension technology and thin 1mm bezels the screen-to-body ratio is up to 81 %. Side mounted fingeprint scanner is still pretty unique too with only very few other models going this way. Chassis made of 6000 series aluminum with nano-injection molding and anodizing coloring paired with surface treatment with No.220 fine zircon gives the phone also some respectable frame and back cover looks and feel, not to mention just the 7,6mm thickness.

Besides the design part Vernee Mars should also excel somewhat in the software side of things as the model should be among the first to get upgraded to Android 7.0 Nougat. Vernee are also running a campaign to invite users to testing the model for free, you can find more details about it in here.

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