Design and appearance comparison between Vernee Apollo and OP3T

Design and appearance comparison between Vernee Apollo and OP3T

Vernee Apollo

OnePlus managed to land a direct hit to the market with OnePlus 3(T) model and in 2016 it was without a discussion one of the most impactful phones released. So it makes sense other manufacturers are using it as a comparison piece, just like the usual Apple or Samsung wonders. And today we have Vernee Apollo pitted against it in a design comparison.

Both Vernee Apollo and OnePlus 3T can offer 2.5 display, all metal back cover, nano molding antenna bands, up to 98 % metal coverage for the body, unique matte texture thanks to 360-degree sand-blasting, CNC processes used in the creation and bright edges. Both models have also similar back curves and good handling characteristics. So design-wise they are really fairly similar in many aspects, but the Apollo tends to be relatively a bit more square than the rounded OP3T. Check out the following video to see it captured on film.

Vernee Apollo is currently available with up to $50 off on Gearbest here and we can just once again voice the opinion about slighty missed opportunity if the model would appear sooner as originally promised. But it’s still quite a capable and good looking handset, that’s pretty obvious too.

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  • The Apollo feels waayy better than the Oneplus 3T.

    • Adam Irvine


    • goodwill

      That’s subjective. I doubt it to be true and stating as “waayy” is highly exaggerated.

      • Let’s put it this way then, the Apollo’s body is significantly better than the OP3T, just like I’m sure the majority of people would agree that the HTC 10’s build is better than the OP3T

        • goodwill

          Well that’s another exaggerated comment on Apollo. Have you put it into a test or it was just empty words? I’d say put it into a real recorded test like jerryrigeverything to put some credibility into your claims. I have no doubt on HTC 10 being solid. It’s been tested and proven so.

          • Which one is better made, the HTC 10 or the Moto G? It’s pretty obvious, and the same thing applies between the Apollo and OP3T. Believe me or not, your choice

          • OK I see where you’re coming from, but I’m not talking about durability, strength and the like. If it does not bend in half using my hands, as far as I’m concerned its good enough for most people. What I am talking about is feel and finish, and the Vernee Apollo is finished immaculately, definitely a lot better than the OP3/OP3T. There isn’t any objective test in terms of finish that doesn’t require expensive equipment, but just by visual and sensual inspection it’s pretty obvious that the Apollo is finished a lot better than the OP3T.

            • goodwill

              My reply to your previous comment before you made your amendment. Wow.. what a brilliant comparison. HTC 10 which has a metal back against Moto G with a plastic back, It should be obvious. Both OP3T and Apollo are made of metal. How is that comparison relevant? And you are talking about HTC. Nobody would doubt of it’s build quality. Who and what is Apollo or Vernee? Since you have rephrased your comment, you should literate it better next time. Of course, everybody has a different feel to their hands so it is still very subjective. Then again that is your very own opinion.

  • BSJD

    This is pure marketing !

  • E8hffff

    Waiting on mine to be delivered. Finally I’ll have a 2K screen and 20MP+ camera and good front camera.

  • Aaron

    the Apollo looks not bad by watching the review video came out recently.

    • goodwill

      Funny hearing this from Vernee’s PR team, I’d say. It’s like self complimenting or should I say dishonest marketing..