Design and appearance comparison between Vernee Apollo and OP3T

Vernee Apollo

OnePlus managed to land a direct hit to the market with OnePlus 3(T) model and in 2016 it was without a discussion one of the most impactful phones released. So it makes sense other manufacturers are using it as a comparison piece, just like the usual Apple or Samsung wonders. And today we have Vernee Apollo pitted against it in a design comparison.

Both Vernee Apollo and OnePlus 3T can offer 2.5 display, all metal back cover, nano molding antenna bands, up to 98 % metal coverage for the body, unique matte texture thanks to 360-degree sand-blasting, CNC processes used in the creation and bright edges. Both models have also similar back curves and good handling characteristics. So design-wise they are really fairly similar in many aspects, but the Apollo tends to be relatively a bit more square than the rounded OP3T. Check out the following video to see it captured on film.

Vernee Apollo is currently available with up to $50 off on Gearbest here and we can just once again voice the opinion about slighty missed opportunity if the model would appear sooner as originally promised. But it’s still quite a capable and good looking handset, that’s pretty obvious too.

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