Moto releases Android 7.0 source code for Z and Z Droid

Motorola isn’t exactly a company people think of when you say Chinese devices. The Moto Z and Z Droid are similarly devices no one brings up in a discussion about Chinese phones. Despite this, they are still a Chinese company in a technical sense, so write about them I will.

The latest news concerning good ol’ Moto is that they’ve just outed the Android 7.0 source code for the Moto Z and Z Droid. It’s available for tinkering with right over here, and should make things simpler for ROM developers. It works with the latest version of Moto OS that went up just about a week ago.

While I personally don’t see the need to replace Moto OS, it’s nice that the company is giving us options. The Moto Z and Z Droid have been receiving constant updates as well, and their new Moto M should get the same treatment. Now if only they bring down those absurd prices…

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