Huawei execs arrested for leaking inside info to LeEco officials?

The battle of industrial espionage has began as you can see! Well according to unconfirmed reports from Chinese media, it seems that Huawei has pressed charges against 6 executives (product designers to be more specific) in the consumer business division for allegedly leaking sensitive internal information to LeEco officials!


LeEco raced to make an official statement that the company has no knowledge of all these allegations and that they have never received any information from the arrested individuals but admitted that there are some patent disputes between both companies.

This is only another episode in the continuing patent war between the two Chinese companies, with Huawei insisting that LeEco has stolen at least 2 of their patents (one for an antenna design and the second for a children’s smartwatch) and that the 6 individuals were part of the company’s attempts to steal more information.

Things are still unclear regarding this matter, but it seems that the two companies don’t plan to pause their patent fights.

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