Breaking: Leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 Photo!

This is no BS render or image of a screen protector! This is a real leaked photo of the Samsung Galaxy S8!

It’s widely believed that Samsung is waiting for MWC to launch the Samsung Galaxy S8, and that sounds about right to us but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t actual live Galaxy S8’s already in the wild!

This photo was sent to me earlier today by a company that is making accessories for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and appears to show a leaked model of the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone.

We can see from the photo that this gold phone is clearly marked with Samsung branding, and in fact the area where the branding is seen is where the physical home button is found on the S7. This either means that the fingerprint scanner is now located on the rear of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the new phone feature an ‘under screen’ fingerprint scanner.

The glossy gold body is curved to match the curved display of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and we can see from the onscreen icons that the S8 will feature NFC. It’s also interesting that the Android system clearly shows Google services in the Chinese UI suggesting that this is an international version of the new Samsung flagship.

So there you guys have it! The Samsung Galaxy S8! What do you think?

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