JDI now mass produces awesome 5 inch WQHD displays, with over 500ppi

Japan Display Inc Chief Executive Mitsuru Homma poses in front of the company's logo at its headquarters in Tokyo.

It’s a brand new era for our smartphones and especially for their displays, since JDI (Japan Display) now started mass producing 5 inch displays with a pixel density over 500 ppi. According to the Japanese company, the new 5” LTPS LCD displays have WQHD resolution (1440×2560) and are being manufactured with a new technology that reduces power consumption over 25%.


What’s really interesting with these new displays is the fact that they have an integrated circuit chip that enables the upscaling function from 1080p to 1440p. This way, the screen can display WQHD images even if the smartphone uses a Full HD-compatible SoC!

Unfortunately these new tech 5 inch displays won’t be ready any time soon, so we will probably see them in the smartphones that will be announced by the end of this year or early 2018.

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