Screen battle between Vernee Apollo and OnePlus 3T

Vernee Apollo

Vernee Apollo and OnePlus 3T are currently the flagship models for the respective brands and while they share quite a lot in the deasign features, the hardware specifications are worlds aparts. Mostly in favour of the OnePlus horse, but there is one specific area where the Apollo is feeling pretty strong and confident.

It’s the display where the Vernee Apollo can offer 2K resolution LCD display against the FullHD AMOLED screen from the OnePlus 3T. So it makes sense the company tried to emphasize the benefits in a small comparison video, which you can find below.

In the video they are trying to analyze the screen performance and got into the conclusion that while both models can deliver pretty good picture the Apollo has more vivid colors while OP3T is more easy on the eye with being a bit yellowish. Which sounds a bit weird to me, because AMOLEDs are usually more on the bluish side of the tint and you can actually see it in the video.

In a close look the pentile AMOLED of Oneplus with lower resolution will inevitably look a bit more rougher than the Apollo, that can be hardly argued about who has the upper hand here. And according to the video the viewing angles are also better for the Vernee flagship.

There is also quite some discrepancy in the price so it’s up to the customer to choose the more fitting model for him. Vernee Apollo can be currently bought for $259.99 in here, which is a pretty interesting price for this powerful beast.

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