Mediatek Could Cut Helio X30 Orders By 50% Due To Poor Demand!

Mediatek Could Cut Helio X30 Orders By 50% Due To Poor Demand!

mediatek helio x30

You would think that one of the world’s first 10nm chipsets would grab phone makers imaginations and brands would be climbing over each other to get the chipset first, but this just isn’t the case.

In the 2nd quarter for this year we are going to see two 10nm chipsets released from rival phone makers, but even before those next generation phones arrive one chipset maker is struggling to find momentum.

Of course we are talking about Qualcomm and Mediatek, and the chipsets in question are the Snapdraon 835 (headed for the Samsung Galaxy S8) and the Helio X30 (headed for… well, we aren’t sure).

Initial enthusiasm for the Mediatek Helio X30 was good with Meizu, LeEco, and Xiaomi all agreeing to build new phones running that latest 10nm flagship processor, but times have changed and phone makers are pulling out.

Mediatek Helio X27

LeEco have reportedly pulled the plug on their Helio X30 smartphone due to financial issues, while Xiaomi have stepped away from the deal to have custom X30 processors made up for their newest phones (likely a new addition of the Redmi Pro 2 now rumoured to have a Snapdragon 660 chipset).

Mediatek have yet to hear from Meizu, and are also hoping for good news from Oppo or Vivo.

The Mediatek Helio X30 chipset comes with a new deca-core CPU running a pairs of A73 and A53 cores at as much as 2.8Ghz. The chipset will support up to 8GB RAM, comes with new features to handle dual rear camera systems and a quad-core Power VR GPU.

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  • Zero

    Considering that Mediatek is failing at 10nm on selling it, meanwhile Snapdragon has 10nm shortage issues, seems that 10 nm is not that great deal after all.

    Also, considering that Xiaomi is moving to Pinecone, I even fear that the Redmi Pro 2 won’t be comming with the Snapdragon 660 after all.

  • Assefa Hanson

    Unfortunate well maybe x30 phones will be cheap then or this could just be a seemingly low demand but may boost up in the end its too early to say the situation is gloomy alot of things can change the 810 was highly anticipated and in the end ot was a mess

  • Muhammad Yasir

    it’s stupid that phonemakers are pulling the plugs without even testing the chips

  • Wolvie

    This is bad news indeed for mediatek as qualcomm now struggling to keep the insane demand of their flagship soc SD835. So can we all see the irony here ????

    Something is definitely very wrong here. IF Mediatek X30 soc performed well (both H/W and S/W) and price much cheaper than SD then by right they can sell like peanuts to manufacturers. Hey it is very logical thinking, who don’t want to buy good products and much cheaper pricing ?

    I can only assume the performance & Price ratio for x30 is not viable for manufacturers to proceed with. I am not savvy enough to give lectures on soc product so my comment is always based on my past simple customer’s experiences using some of older smartphones/tablets with mediatek soc products inside.

    I still think mediatek soc are sub-standard on both hardware raw power and software support compare to qualcomm. I never use other soc brands like kirin, exynos so i cannot make comments on them.

    Quite sad as we do need more strong competitions in order to keep the soc (and gadgets) price in control. If every vendors only want to use qualcomm soc then we got a much bigger problem in the future as qualcomm will unofficially have the monopoly right on the soc market and start increase their price to much higher level than current.

    Then if the above worst scenario really happens in the future, we can say say goodbye to affordable (but strong performances) gadgets with very nice H/W spec like today’s redmi note 3 pro, LeEco (qualcomm version), OnePlus, etc.

    I apologize if my statements above sounded bias because IT IS my biased statements. Again it is because after so long using mediatek products and not really have the satisfaction.

    Those gadgets with Qualcomm second level soc (not the very high-end) inside used to be very expensive and i don’t have the budget to buy but things changed when reputable china manufacturers started to use snapdragon 65x series with very low pricing. And once i jumped ship, i can feel the vast differences between the 2 soc. No more lags and hang, everything butter smooth, and also good battery life. Normal light use i always get around 3 days.

    This was the first time i experienced this so yeah i am sorry that i will not come back to mediatek soon and talked good thing about their products unless they can proved themselves worthy.

    • SoniC

      This doesn’t wonder me a bit.
      Helio’s CPU-part might be good/ok-ish, but the GPU part is far inferior (and I mean really FAR) compared even to the Snapdragon 820’s Adreno 530.
      Besides – not releasing the sources etc. -> no active developer support / custom ROMs/kernels —> this now all backfires for them.

      • Plumplum

        Even Singlecore CPU on 20nm X20 serie is close to 14nm S820…
        X20 is nearly as fast, X30 will be way faster than 820/821

        X30’s GPU is PowerVR 7XT Plus with 4 cores at 820mhz.
        Performances should be between Apple A9 (6 cores 7XT but 450mhz) and Apple A10 (6 cores 7XT Plus 670mhz)
        6×450=2700 A9
        4×820=3280+ X30
        6×670=4020+ A10

        As Apple A9’s GPU is better than S820’s, x30’s will be better too…simple to understand

        Most if the Time Qualcomm’s GPU have huge gap in benchmarks performances. In-game measurement are better too, but not that much…820 vs X20, Antutu gives 60000pts in 3d to 820 and only 18000 to x20…more than 200% more!! On Real racing 3, you will get about 30fps on x20 and 45fps on s820, “only” 50% more, not 200!.

        Many sources are available…X20 Android 6.0 are for exemple…But you can find mt6753, 6752, P10, mt6732, mt6735, mt6592, mt6582…
        US/EU support is lower, because there’s not enough devices in these countries. Russian support is better…
        If famous brands which sell in US/EU decide to use Mediatek, you will get a better support too.
        If Google decide to launch one pixel with Mediatek and one with Qualcomm it will be more fair too.

        In my opinion, problem comes from patents pressure (Qualcomm were condamned in China, Korea and under investigation in Taïwan, EU and USA).
        It can explain why Texas instruments, broadcom, NVIDIA, Intel, St-microelectronics stop making soc for phones.

        Outside brands that make their own chips (apple, Huawei and Samsung), we must have someone to compete FAIRLY (=with fair patents costs) with Qualcomm…
        Monopoly is dangerous for customers and for brands like LG, Sony or HTC…
        If these three use s820/821 this year they will loose market share compare to Samsung.
        They’d better go with X30!

        I decide to boycott Qualcomm for these reasons…Even if I must import my devices to find good soc (X20 is a very good one)

    • Plumplum

      If your chip is cheap but your main competitor refuse too sell fairly patents, you can’t sell it

      If Mediatek sells X20 for 30 dollars and Qualcomm asks 30 more dollars to the manufacturers to use CDMA/4G patents + 5% of the price of the phone (that’s an exemple)

      Mediatek sells butter smooth soc for some times…X20 is one.
      But older mt6752 is one too…
      Have you seen many mt6752 in US/EU (not that much, there’s Xperia C4)…Instead you see crappy S615!

  • Karly Johnston

    2015 was a bad year for QC, 2016 got them back on track, 2017 looks hard for the competition.