Huawei official insists that 6GB/8GB of RAM is “overkill”, 4GB is just...

Huawei official insists that 6GB/8GB of RAM is “overkill”, 4GB is just enough


During the past few years companies have shifted their efforts towards creating smartphones with as much RAM as possible, aiming to offer better multi-tasking support and even better performance.

Vivo was the first company – last year- that released the first 6GB RAM smartphone in the world, with Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, and Xiaomi releasing in the coming months their own smartphones with 6GB RAM. However there’s an ongoing question that comes to our minds concerning this matter: do we really need such a large amount of RAM on our smartphones?

According to a Huawei official, no we don’t. Lao Shi an executive of the Chinese company recently mentioned in his Weibo page that 4GB of RAM is enough for a phone to run smoothly. According to tests held by the company, a lot of Huawei phones with 4GB of RAM (paired with the Kirin 960) can perform better over time compared to the competition with 6GB of RAM! What’s important in this is to optimize the operating system in an efficient way and he uses as example how iOS doesn’t need a large RAM to run smoothly!

Note that if you add an extra 2GB RAM to a 4GB RAM smartphone its price rises exponentially and this is not depicted in the phone’s performance in everyday use. Obviously Huawei has several 6GB RAM smartphones, but what the executive says is that their performance isn’t that impressive when compared to their price.

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  • Noah

    Few years ago they said the same thing about Quad HD display….but look at now…
    I’m not surprise if they’ll launch their phones with 6GB or 8GB of RAM in the future…..

    • Yeti hand

      Nothing change, quad hd are still useless, only noobs and bragging losers think it’s usefull. Huawei used 4k screens hoping to get some sales nothing else.
      The same goes for the 6gb ram, btw if they already have 6gb ram phones read the article, they’re just not impressed by the result

    • goodwill

      4K is still just for bragging rights on smartphones. Can’t be seen on the display sizes on phones and no 4K applications. 2K, maybe because of VR but VR is still rather in the early stages on mobile and and the application is still little. It’ll only cost you a battery drain and a higher price tag.

      On the RAM side, not everybody needs 6GB to be honest. Most don’t really take notice if the apps are refreshing in the background. Even for 4GB you can still run plenty of apps before it starts to refresh. So, Huawei does have a point. All the overspecs are just to push sales and to satisfy consumers urge for having a bigger gun. The manufacturers know that it’s not needed but are still happy to cater to the demands.

      • Noah

        I agree with you about what you said regarding the amount of ram. It really is useless to have 6 or 8GB of ram, RIGHT NOW.
        But in 2 3 years time, you never know. Just like 2K screen. 2 3 years back, it was useless and overkill,just gimmick. But now, with the development of VR experience, we really need that 2K screen, it’s a must.
        So, Huawei doesn’t need to make the statement saying that 6 or 8GB are useless. No need.
        But i know why they said that, just to make excuse and try to sell their flagship products (which they don’t produce 6 or 8GB variant for now)

  • Stiven

    640KB of memory is more than anyone need!

  • David Košič

    I agree since most phones with 6 gb of ram actually aggressively close apps in the background in order to not completely drain the battery. In the end battery technology is still what keeps handicapping all mobile devices.