Update brings Google Assistant to the OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 Review

The OnePlus 3 from mid-2016 is the newest phone to receive Google Assistant. An over the air update brings the AI tech to the phone.

Google had recently revealed that they would be releasing Google Assistant to all Android phones running Android versions 6.0 and above. Until then, Google Assistant remained exclusive to the Pixel series phones from the company.

This was a couple of days back, and now the update is live on OnePlus 3 phones. There’s no word yet on whether the OnePlus 3T — an incremental update from the 3 — will be getting similar treatment.

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-based piece of software that can do a lot of things, from performing Google searches, setting reminders, to restaurant discovery. You can read more about the app on the official Google site.

Has your OnePlus 3 received the update yet? Let us know below!

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