Xiaomi present Scishare Coffee Machine

Scishare Coffee Machine

Xiaomi constantly expands its home products portfolio. Now on their crowdfunding platform they launched Coffe Machine. As you could know, the device isn’t manufactured by Xiaomi, but external manufacturer – Ningbo Heart Technology Co. Ltd.

Scishare Coffee Machine

Xiaomi coffee maker has dimensions 34x10x26cm. It adopts unibody and futuristic design. What is more it is made with the best components – it is said that the main pump has a maximum pressure rating of 19 Bars, power of 1200W and have been imported straight from Italy.

Scishare Coffee Machine

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It’s body is designed wery well, a power button is placed alongside a button for extraction, shifter lever type flow control and LED lights. What is more, machine is compatible with multi-brand capsules.

It can set up the concentration according to your taste and is combined with 8 different cup sizes (15-85ml, up to 180ml presetting). This model differentiates itself from looking very unique compared to all the other single serve machines on the market.

Xiaomi Scishare Coffee Machine is expected to be shipped on April 18. If you are interested in the product, you can find it on Mi home.

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