Doogee Shoot 1: Unboxing and First Impressions

DOOGEE Shoot DOOGEE Shoot 1 Hands On1 Review

The Doogee Shoot 1 is the company’s first attempt at creating a budget dual-camera phone with a primary 13MP Samsung shooter to get the image and a secondary 8.0MP one to add in depth information and thus create photos with a very shallow depth of field.

We’re going to see how that works in the full review but for now let’s go ahead with the unboxing and first impressions!

Doogee Shoot 1: Unboxing

DOOGEE Shoot 1 Packaging

Doogee’s Shoot 1 unboxing is pretty straight forward, it simply comes in a black/greysh box and once you open it, you have the smartphone there with its silicone case. Removing the cardboard separator below it you find the USB charger rated for 5V/2000mA, a microUSB cable, SIM removal pin and an additional screen protector (it already comes with one).

Doogee Shoot 1: Hands On

DOOGEE Shoot 1 Hands On

Being entirely made of plastic, the Doogee Shoot 1 doesn’t have the most premium feeling in hands, that said, it doesn’t feel cheap neither. The build quality is solid and it doesn’t flex or make weird noises when put under stress.

DOOGEE Shoot 1 Hands On

On the positive side, since the phone is not encased in an aluminum chassis, the overall weight of the device is very low at about 167 grams. Which makes it also easy to hold even if it doesn’t have a small footprint.

In addition to that, the plastic body removes the slippery of metal phones, so I feel confident holding this phone even without a case, something I can’t say about many other phones.

DOOGEE Shoot 1 Hands On

The included silicone case is “OK”, it feels cheap but I’m still glad they added it in the package. It also features some flaps to cover the headphone jack and microUSB port at the bottom, I’m not sure why though as the phone isn’t advertised as waterproof and thus shouldn’t get near water anyway.

Doogee Shoot 1: First Impressions

DOOGEE Shoot 1 Hands On

Overall I’m finding the phone worth its price, it’s snappy and it’s full of neat features like douple-tap to wake up and many more that aren’t usually available on budget phones, heck even on more expensive ones — looking at you, Vernee Apollo —. I’m not having any weird software issues or getting limited by the 2GB of RAM.

In the full review you’ll learn more about the dual-camera setup and how it actually works, for the moment being I’ll only say I’m not totally sold on it.

Stay tuned for the review which should be coming very soon. In the meanwhile, you can find more info about the Doogee Shoot 1 over at Doogee’s official website.

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