Xiaomi Roidmi B1 – fancy glasses available to buy

xiaomi roidmi b1

Xiaomi, one of the biggest tech companies in China, focuses not only on electronical devices. This time the company decided to create glasses. To be more specific, the new product is named Xiaomi ROIDMI B1 Detachable Anti-blue-rays Protective Glasses.

Xiaomi Roidmi B1

Scientists have found, that every electronical device with display produces a harmful blue-ray, that is hurting our eyes and disturbing our sleep. Because of that, Xiaomi prepared own solution and presented Xiaomi Roidmi B1 Detachable Anti-Blue-Rays Protective Glasses.

xiaomi roidmi b1

Main (and only functional) job is protect you from harmful blue light, that goes out from your displays. Secondary function of Roidmi B1 is just to look good while wearing them.

xiaomi roidmi b1

9-layers to protect your eyes

The glasses has lenses with 9 layers, that absorb the blue light and let not harmful elements to pass throught. The coating contains blue-rays protection, UV-resistant (for the sun) and is radiation-proof.

What is more, the glasses has modular construction and (as the name suggests) features detachable elements, like ear-stems and nose pad (replaceable so you will be able to find one that fits you). Thanks to that solution you can have one glasses in 2 versions – standard and sport (depending on your needs).

xiaomi roidmi b1 xiaomi roidmi b1 xiaomi roidmi b1

Light and comfortable material

The frames are made from TR90 material which is known for its lightness, flexibility, strength and comfort. What is more, their weight is only 20g. The great thing about it is that Xiaomi prepare many different frames with different colors and designs, so everyone will be able to find their own style.

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xiaomi roidmi b1 xiaomi roidmi b1

Best quality and safety

At the end, the most important thing – the glasses has passed many tests from various international organizations, that checked their quality and safety.

Xiaomi Roidmi B1 are packed in very stylish box, with two nose-pads, two ear-stems and a cloth. Everyting looks great and has minimalistic design. If you are interested in buying one, you can preorder them on GearBest for only $39.99 (shipments starts after the 16th of March).

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