Tronsmart Element T1 and T2 wireless speakers can offer Bluetooth 4.2

Tronsmart Element T1

Portable wireless speakers are a perfect solution to carry around for the occasional moment when you need something more powerful than just your phone’s weak speaker setup. And new lineup of the Tronsmart Element models can offer quite some bang for the including the new more stable and efficient Bluetooth 4.2 connection.

Tronsmart Element T1 is the smaller and lighter of the two, while still offering pretty good 10-hour battery endurance thanks to the 1700 mAh capacity. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 and TWS technology for easy pairing and possible stereo experience it can pump out 10W of audio. The sound is focused mostly on the treble range and the 18-chip speaker can surely deliver some good sound.

Tronsmart Element T2 is the bulkier one, but that also means bigger 1900 mAh battery and 12-hour maximum play time. The special gimmick with the T2is the IPX56 waterproof rating to add some of the rugged qualities. The speaker can once again deliver 10W output and has 16-chip speaker, ATS 2825 chip and also the TWS pairing tech. You can check the unboxing and quick review in the video above.

Both speakers are avilable on Geekbuying for fairly similar price with Tronsmart T1 being narrowly more cheaper with $35.99 than Tronsmart T2 for $36.99. Check it out.


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