Xiaomi launches “anti-blue” light Sunglasses, they cost only $36

Xiaomi unveiled today their latest anti-blue light sunglasses under the the crowdfunded MIJIA sub-brand, and they surely look great – especially when they’re priced at only $36.

This new pair of sunglasses has been manufactured by the well-known Turok Steinhardt (TS) industry and are able to completely isolate ultraviolet (and blue) sunlight, creating an excellent viewing feeling when you put them on.


They are made of a next-gen nano material that uses its yellow color to offer three different levels of eye protection, but what’s more interesting is that you can use them while you play games!

This way you can protect your eyesight from intense graphics, endure light glares and generally protect your eyes from most harmful light rays. The new Xiaomi sunglasses come in three different design styles, they weight only 7,5 grams (the frame) and they are extremely durable according to Xiaomi.

As we mentioned in the beginning of the article they cost 249 Yuan ($36) and will be available for shipment from April 20.

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