Presale Offer Makes The Cagabi One The Cheapest Smartphone On The Market

Despite having a funny name, Chinese phone maker Cagabi does have one hell of a smartphone for not very much money.

The Chinese smartphone industry is a bit of a turning point and we seem to be heading back in a direction we’ve already been in. For those readers who remember the Chinese phone market before everyone started to compete with Xiaomi you will remember that flagship Chinese phones cost much more than 1999 Yuan and there were also a lot more super low-budget phones on the market too.

We seem to be heading back in that direction for 2017 with phones already breaking 1999 Yuan once again and other brands looking to capitalise on the under saturated budget phone market.

Cagabi is one such brand and they aim to kick things off with the pre-sale launch of the Cagabi One smartphone.

This handset will officially retail at $54.99 once it is in stock and production is in full swing, but customers pre-ordering the phone will bag the device for just $39.99!

That’s quite a low price for an Android smartphone, but what does this sun $50 handset have to offer?

Specifications for the budget Cagabi One include a 5-inch 1290 x 720 HD display, 5 mega-pixel front camera, 8 mega-pixel rear. 1.3Ghz MT6580A chipset, dual SIM support, micro SD card expansion, 2200mAh battery and Android 6.0. To sweeten the deal, Cagabi have also teased that the One will soon get an Android 7.0 update!

Onlin certain online stores will be offering the Cagabi One on presale, full details of those retailers and specs for the phone can be found here.

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