Three Guesses Which Phone Inspired This Meizu Pro 7 Render

We’re not sure who created this Meizu Pro 7 render, we wouldn’t be too shocked it this was the real thing, but can you see where the inspiration came from?

For years now Meizu have been called an Apple clone brand. The first M8 smartphone the brand launched looked a lot like the original iPhone, and subsequent Meizu launches have been heavily influenced by iPhone designs, but could this be coming to an end?

A render released on Chinese social media claims to show us what the Meizu Pro 7 could look like but this time it isn’t an iPhone wannabe.

Instead this Meizu render looks just like the recently launched Samsung S8 flagship, with the only notable difference being the physical home button (which likely houses a finger print scanner) on the chin of the phone.

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Although an obvious copy of the Samsung flagship, the fingerprint scanner location is a much neater position than the off centre option found on the Korean phone.

We’ll be keeping an eye on these renders to see if anything comes of them.

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  1. April 2, 2017

    In the end, just about every smartphone… looks like a smartphone.
    Just from a point of technology and design they all look a like because it makes sense to.

  2. MattD
    April 2, 2017

    So meizu fans want a phone with the same specs of s8, that looks exactly like s8… why wouldn’t they go for the real thing instead?

    • Marco Lorenzo
      April 3, 2017

      Price and software I’d say (mainly price probably). The Chinese brands have some nifty little features that others don’t have (Meizu started the swiping on the home key for back or task manager). Of course, being several hundreds cheaper is also a plus!

      • MattD
        April 3, 2017

        I get it, but if I was a maizu’s fan i’d want meizu to find its own identity, rather than being a cheap clone “because I can’t effort a real samsung”… do you get what I mean?

  3. Ionut Johnny
    April 3, 2017

    This article… Pains me. The s8 got inspired by the Mi Mix and so on…

    • Oscar
      April 3, 2017

      Lol, exactly. All current phones that are trying to reduce bezels are only doing so because of the Mi Mix.

      • Marco Lorenzo
        April 3, 2017

        I don’t think they tried to copy the Mi Mix though (at least not in regards to reducing the bezels, the rounded corners are another thing). The Mix was announced in November. If Samsung and LG only started designing the S8 and G6 then, it would’ve been pretty late. It’s just an overall market trend and a logical one too that would’ve happened earlier were it not being limited by older technology.

        • Joel Adames
          April 18, 2017

          Then say what about the Aquos from Sharp they had 2 models long ago …

          • Marco Lorenzo
            April 18, 2017

            I’m not sure what your point is? Sharp’s execution of the two Aquos models were poor. The design looked nice if you didn’t turn on the phone but as soon as you did, you’d realise why companies didn’t jump on the bandwagon back then.

      • Ionut Johnny
        April 3, 2017

        And the iPhone got heavily inspired by Htc and then they talk about Meizu, a big circle, they are trying to discredit the smaller Oems or not so known outside of Asia.