Refurbished Galaxy Note 7R appears in Vietnam with 3200 mAh battery

We’ve talked about it several times in the past few months, and now perhaps it’s time to see it happen, don’t you think? According to today’s leak, a refurbished Galaxy Note 7R (yes with an “R”) made an appearance in Vietnam, hinting at Samsung’s decision to finally use all these millions of phablets it keeps in their storage houses for the past months.

And what does Samsung plan to do with them? Sell them at a lower price as refurbished smartphones, equipped with all the official specs/hardware the original Note 7 had, except from the battery. All these refurbished phablets will now pack a smaller 3200 mAh battery for security reasons, even though – according to the Korean manufacturer- there is no reason for anyone to be afraid anymore. The company has started to implement an 8-point battery inspection plan for all new handsets – and the newer Galaxy S8/S8+ models are subject to this procedure.

I know that some of you are thinking about owning the ex-king of phablets, even though it now comes with a smaller battery, but if you leave in the US, don’t expect to see it coming there. According to rumors these refurbished Galaxy Note 7 models will be limited to Asia and possibly some parts of Europe.

Perhaps you should wait for Galaxy Note 8?

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