Nokia 6 Silver: sold out once again in minutes, ready to become...

Nokia 6 Silver: sold out once again in minutes, ready to become a best seller


Once again the Nokia 6 (in its Silver variant to be exact) managed to get out of stock after its official launch a couple of weeks ago. The Finnish company had already announced that the silver variant of the device would go on sale yesterday and… things went as planned.

nokia 6

The 64GB variant of the device was listed on Jingdong Mall ( priced at 1,699 Yuan ($246) and the 32GB version priced for 1,499 Yuan ($217) and both variants were sold out in just a few minutes.

As you can imagine these new Nokia Android phones have proved to be really popular in the Chinese market and according to information, if their sales continue in the same way, they will become bestsellers in China, really soon.

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  • balcobomber25

    Article is a bit misleading because it leaves out exactly how many units were available to begin with. Elephone can sell out a model if they only offer a couple hundred of them, doesn’t mean they are ready to become a “best seller”.