Oleophobic (anti-fingerprint) layer test on the Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi may have just announced their newest flagship phone, the Mi 6, but the phone is already being subjected to all sorts to tests and such.

The newest of these is an oleophobic layer test. If you’re not aware, manufacturers give phones (usually mid-range and high-end) a coat of an oleophobic (anti-oil) varnish that makes phones ‘hate’ fingerprints and smudges.

You can watch the video on Weibo, but unfortunately you’ll have to have an account on the Chinese site to be able to do so.

The Mi 6 is a fantastic new high-end smartphone that also happens to be the first to have come out with the Snapdragon 835 SoC… which if you aren’t aware, is the latest flagship mobile SoC from chipmaker Qualcomm.

You can read more about the Xiaomi Mi 6 here on GizChina (including the full Mi 6 specs) or about the company in general here.

Are you planning to purchase a flagship this year?

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