Nubia Z17 Render And Full Specs

Nubia Z17 Render And Full Specs


When a new render pops up we generally get rather excited about it, but we’re not so sure about this dual camera render of the Nubia Z17.

The Nubia Z17 recently showed up on GeekBench which gave us all an idea of what the new flagship from Nubia would be running but it didn’t give us a clue at what the design could be.

With the Z17 hitting headlines again it wasn’t too surprising for the leaks to continue and today a render of the Z17 also hit the news, however this image looks rather similar to something we saw a few months ago. The design shows a phone that is very similar to the current Z11 from the front, but with a dual camera module fitted to the rear. Because this image is so old we’re not confident that it’s accurate, but that’s not to say a final launch phone won’t look similar.

It seems likely that the Z17 flagship will come with a dual camera, the Z17 Mini and Nubia M2 both have this feature after all. As of the rest of the hardware we can only go off what rumours have fed us so far;

Nubia Z17 Leaked Specifications

  • 5.5inch FHD display with 2.5D curve and Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
  • 151.8 x 72.3 x 7.5mm.
  • Quad-core Snapdragon 835 chipset.
  • 4GB-6GB RAM.
  • From 64GB of internal memory.
  • Rear fingerprint scanner
  • Dual rear 16 megapixel cameras with OIS and F2.0 aperture.
  • Front 8 megapixel camera.
  • 3000mAh battery with fast charging.
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  • Assefa Hanson

    Please I am willing to sell my kidneys, I will give all my money to the poor just so that flagship devices will AT LEAST raise the battery standard to 4000mah, or just so battery technology gets some improvement please please please

    • Nolan

      A flagship becomes a flagship by virtue of two things:

      * The chipset being a QualComm / Samsung chipset, and not MediaTek.
      * The said chipset breaking AnTuTu records

      Battery plays no role whatsoever, and most intelligent, enthusiast users (like myself), folks who will not settle for anything something that isn’t the pinnacle, don’t care much about batteries. We don’t live in the woods anymore, power outlets abound everywhere, including while travelling, and for the less fortunate who still don’t have access to such basic means, there are power banks available.

      So start praying that this breaks the 180,000 barrier like the S8 did.

      • Assefa Hanson

        The fact that your ok with going to an outlet all the while is worrying but to each his own, when those that want to change the world pushes energy to the next level and we get phones that needs to charge once a month you can hop on the bandwagon so dont worry

        Let the forward thinkers do their thing it’s ironic too because it’s usually the less fortunate nobodies that go out there and changes things out of necessity while the fortunate lazies feed their faces on airplanes, boats etc(built by dreamers and those in need) that these people in need create it’s almost like the fortunate are parasites leeching of others work

        • Nolan

          Try to control the onset of ADHD and autism, your sentences are lacking coherence and meaning. Try to refactor them when you’re not “triggered”, and I’ll respond.

          (Btw there’s medication available for sudden ADHD onsets and autism attacks).

          • Assefa Hanson

            Ad hominem? You could have attempted to debunk my points/ arguments instead of going prep school name calling, I had to make my comment lack coherence, your not ready for anything else yet

            • MattD

              Are you really losing your time trying to argue with a troll? xD

            • Assefa Hanson

              Lmao , when you look at it I was the loser, I should have known better

            • MattD

              Don’t worry, we all get trapped sometimes xD

      • MattD

        Dude, this troll is bland, try harder

    • Jh1

      Agreed. I can’t see myself using a phone with a battery under 4000mah anymore. Good thing I don’t need flagship specs.


    I think I can buy Blackview A9 Pro, the nice dual cameras smartphone, the price is also cheaper.