Are we in for a surprise with Vernee Thor E sporting E-ink screen ?

Vernee Thor E

Not the long ago we have seen the originally russian concept of Yotaphone and Yotaphone 2 trying to explore the possibility of using the ultra low-power E-ink display, but they opted just go for it as a secondary screen on the back of the phone. Today’s teaser from Vernee is trying to hint at using fully E-ink only screen with their upcoming Vernee Thor E model, but i have a pretty hard time believing it.

E-ink screens are fantastic for the battery efficiency and in the e-book readers doing just terrific job, can’t imagine going anywhere without my Kindle. But they are not really suitable for fast refresh, which is more or less mandatory for displays of mobile phones, not to mention sluggish animation and reaction speed. So it’s highly unlikely that the E-ink screen could handle the fast movement like it’s shown in the video below. But hey, maybe i’m wrong and we are in for a treat.

The “Ultra battery saver” tag on the screen would further point rather at some saving black&white mode than full fledged E-ink screen user as main phone display. We shall see where the truth lies soon, Vernee Thor E is slated for a launch in May with big 5020 mAh battery plus this and lightweight body.

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