Honor 9 images leak, confirm lack of 3.5mm audio jack

Honor 9 images leak, confirm lack of 3.5mm audio jack


It seems that Honor 9 will join the club of devices that will finally ditch the beloved audio 3.5mm jack for the standard nowadays USB Type-C port.

honor 9

A new set of leaked images basically confirms it, showing that the device will only have a USB Type-C port on its bottom along with the speaker holes. So if you are going to use your own headphones with the specific device, than be prepared to buy an extra USB Type-C audio adaptor. 

The leaked set of images also confirms that the Honor 9 will keep the dual-camera setup for its next top-tier smartphone, as well as the overall design and form factor. However, there’s a relocation happening and we’re talking about the fingerprint sensor that seems to have moved to the front side, just below the Home Button of the device.

As always with this type of (leaked) images, we have to be careful and wait for something more official or concrete, but still these look legit to us. Stay tuned, we will have more Honor 9 related news in the coming days for you.

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  • NextHype

    Aw c’mon… now Huawei ditches jack too ?
    WTF is goin on here ? -_-

    • yalok

      Just another leak from kindergarden.

    • Ibrahim Bahakim

      I hope it is true.
      I am a seller in my country and I imported a lot of those Type C to 3.5MM adapter haha

  • yalok

    Leak? Confirm?
    That’s a photoshoped honor 8 image any kid could do in minutes.

    Look closer, the speaker grill is just duplicated pixel by pixel.

    • Lauri

      Surely both grills would also be at equal distances from the port and antenna lines but they’re way off. I agree with badly photoshopped.

  • Zero

    Hope that can’t be real.

  • Jeffrey Pope

    Seriously that looks like a photoshopped Honor 8….no actually that is what it is, those are not “leaks”