HTC revenue declines for April, bad news for its U Series smartphones

Well this is not good for HTC I guess. The Taiwanese company published its revenue results for April – while we wait for their quarterly financial results- and the results are underwhelming, with the company posting a 9% decrease in revenue, with a 6% drop in total revenue year-over-year.


This means that the brand new U Series of smartphones they launched recently hasn’t managed to impress their fans, resulting in much lower sales than expected. This comes as no surprise for reviewers, who have repeatedly noted that they expected a much more intriguing product from the Taiwanese company.

HTC however has one final word to say about this, while they’re getting ready to unveil they HTC U flagship model on May 16. The device will be equipped with a Snapdragon 835 SoC but its most intriguing (sic) feature is going to be the “squeezing” ability of its sides in order to launch apps etc.

Until the 16th of May however, HTC decided to sell a second factory in Shanghai in order to reduce its losses by investing the money into its VR business which seems more lucrative than the smartphone sector.

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