Final editions of UMIDIGI Crystal unveiled, based on the polling


The results of the week of polling and feedback concerning the UMIDIGI Crystal are finally in and there is actually not much of a surprise there. There will be 4 versions of the model being released, but the actual difference will be only between the Lumia and All-metal version, rest is just color play.

So what did the people vote for ? Most votes apparently went to Black and Red for the Full-metal edition and Black and Blue for the Lumia edition and if you look at the chart below you will see that also the 5,5-inch screen got voted as the best. I’m still not sure if they would actually listen to the public in case of a different result, but well it’s not that important after all.

There is also a new activity event brewing up with 100 pieces of the UMIDIGI Crystal being available for potential reviewers for free, so if you feel you are up to the task make sure to sign up for it on their activity website.

And those less adventurous or possessing less penmanship there is always the option of simple subscribing for the pre-order with extremely low price of $99. And because they raised the pre-order limit to 100.000 pieces you don’t have to be afraid to miss out on that.

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