Flyme 6 Global Roll Out In July

Owners of Meizu smartphones can finally rejoice as the phone maker has finally made an announcement about the release date of a final Flyme 6 release. The news means that Flyme 6, a stable, final release is on the way but not after a long delay.

Originally the update was scheduled for April however, due to unknown reasons that date was missed and instead Flyme 6 will begin to roll out in July.

The initial update will only bring Flyme 6 to the Meizu M3 Note and M2, but over the course of the year Flyme 6 will also come to the following Meizu devices: Meizu PRO 5 , PRO 6 , PRO 6 Plus , MX6, MX5 , MX4 , MX4 Pro , M3s , M3E , M3 Max , M1 Notes , M2 Notes , U10 and U20. Owners of the Meizu M5, M5 and M5s will have a longer wait but Meizu does say those updates will come before the end of the year.

In other news, Meizu recently announced that it plans to release their Flyme Android ROM on rival handsets too. While no final release date has been scheduled we do know that Flyme is in development for OnePlus, and ZUK phones.

Are you looking forward to a new Flyme update for your handeset?

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