Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 leaked! What’s cooking?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 leaked! What’s cooking?


It’s been a few months since the sales of phones sporting the Snapdragon 835 have started. And there’s already leaked reports of the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. The next flagship processor will be manufactured using the 10nm LP fabrication process coupled with ARM’s brand new Cortex A75 and Cortex A55.

There are two types of octa core processors on the market. The normal octa core processors, which follow the more common BIG.little architecture and the “True octa core” ones that follow an approach where all the cores are fired up to do the needful tasks on a smartphone.

The BIG.little architecture creates two clusters of four cores each, 4 performance and four mid range cores. The performance cores are fired up during CPU intensive tasks, whereas the mid range cores are fired up for normal tasks on the CPU. The 845 is based on the BIG.little architecture with the Cortex A75 performance cores and the A55 mid range cores.

The Cortex A75 provides a 20% more mobile performance boost over the A73 with a 40% boost in infrastructure performance as compared to the Cortex A72 while providing the same sustainable performance as the Cortex A73.

The graph from Geekbench 4 shows a 34% increase in the performance of the A75 over the A73.

The goal is to reach a perfect performance to efficiency ratio. Even if the processor has great clock speeds, there really is no point if it cant be efficient in utilising raw power. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 boasts of a 20-30% performance and efficiency boost over the 835.

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The Coretx A55 is touted as offering up to 2 times more performance, 15% better power management and a 10 times more configurable design. As compared to the A53, the A55 has received some major upgrades.

The best part, it’s highly scalable. In one cluster of an octa core processor, you can fit in 4 cores, with each cluster communicating using a separate bus. But in the next gen chips, there won’t be a bus and this will allow for clusters of 8 cores, meaning a 16 core chip or even more.

Touted as the highest performance mid range CPU, the A55 provides a 21% clock boost over the A53.

With these factors in consideration, we might see an increase of about 30% in the performance as compared to the 835.

Watch this space for more!

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  • Almost no phones on 835 due to Samsung hogging them all and there’s already an upgrade that bigger and faster.

    • Smanny

      Umm, the HTC U11 has a SD 835. So does Sony’s XZ premium. There are more coming down the pipes all the time. Like LG V30, OnePlus 5, Pixel 2, and more.

      • Ok let me change that to “ALMOST NO AVAILABLE PHONES” Well of course there will be more phones with it, but Samsung hoarded all the 835’s until first couple of runs of the S8’s were complete so no other developers saw them until mid April. That’s a solid 6 months after production of them started. So they are slowly trickling out into newer phones but even some of them listed aren’t slated until July to he released and they’re already talking about the newest processor. My point being, it’s like nvidia releasing the 1080’s and advertising the 1180’s 2 months later. At least give time to saturate the market so I don’t feel like I’m already behind top of the line.

        • Ali Kazmi

          Keep changing the goal post, you’ll get there eventually

    • realjjj

      Shortages will ease in the second half of the year.
      Likely 10nm yields at Samsung are not quite ok just yet.
      As for Next gen SD, you won’t see it before MWC so relax.

      • It has nothing to do with supply. Samsung made sure they were first to market with the 835 because they know no one is going to dump an S8 for a similar spec’d competitor 2 months after they released it. It’s a play to maximize sales. There was never a shortage, just a delay from Qualcomm to ensure as many S8’s can saturate before anyone else hit the market. They probably had 3 million of em just kicking around in a warehouse somewhere until Samsung could increase their market segment to sell more overpriced phones and reduce marketshare for smaller companies who give better value to performance phones. It’s a really shady business practice.

        • realjjj

          I have no idea why people that are not informed at all , always insist on claiming to know shit.

          Samsung has priority in a complex deal but that doesn’t mean that others don’t have access to it soon after Samsung.
          SD835 has shortages because Samsung’s fabs can’t make enough , fast enough.
          Making these chips takes 2 months or more – that’s how much time it spends in the fab so there is a large delay between the moment you realize that you don’t have enough supply and the moment you have higher output to satisfy demand.

          So again, the shortages will ease in the second half of the year and that’s it. Any opinions similar to yours are pure nonsense and laughable.

          • So that’s why S8’s flooded the market April 21st with no supply shortages at all and the next closest release date of a 835 is June 1st. Makes sense to me, there’s no holding of processors there. Everyone is predicting Oneplus 5 to hit end of June, they have already said the reason is they didn’t have any snapdragons available. But you keep telling yourself that.

  • eliHd452

    I always want the latest and the greatest

  • chris pinkston

    It would be nice if the pixel 2 got this processor but I guess it will be 835

  • realjjj

    Weird how you make this about SD845 when it’s a leak about ARM

    Anyway, this article is a disaster.

    • Aldo Soto

      Yep, this article is a disaster. Arm Cortex A-75 and A-55 are not even big.LITTLE compatible. Only works with the new ARM Dynamiq, not big.LITTLE.