Win Xiaomi Mi6 in a Geekbuying’s 5-year celebration giveaway

Popular e-shop Geekbuying will be soon celebrating their 5th anniversary and to honor that they will of course throw quite some events and giveaways. Most of the actual festivities will start on June 6th, but starting today you can already begin to participate.

All you need to do is visit the Geekbuying activity website to like their Facebook and share the official giveaway post. Just doing that you will automatically receive either 5%, 6% or 8% discount coupon and will enter the big giveaway event. There will be one prize each day from May 29th to June 4th and winners will be picked randomly and announced on the Facebook page.

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So what are the prizes to win ? The grand one will be the latest flagship piece Xiaomi Mi6, but there are several other interesting ones.

  • Tronsmart Encore s4 Headphone
  • Shuaixiaobao robot vacuum cleaner
  • Vorke v1
  • FQ777 FPV drone
  • Teclast 9
  • Hand spinner
  • Xiaomi Mi6

Then come back surely on the June 6th, because we are pretty sure they will try their best to bring the best possible celebration even up to date with flash deals, 9.9 deals and tons of others.

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  1. Oleg Kaniovskiy
    May 30, 2017

    Cool,happy birthday Geekbuying

  2. Anderson Soto
    May 30, 2017

    El T10 que Nomu ha lanzado me parece espectacular, recomiendo verlo

  3. Marcus Johansson (Mackie)
    June 8, 2017

    Darn to late! Love this kind of stuff, had opened this link to read on the wifes Chromebook. But been hospitilized “Aint that fun to ride ambulance when your PH values in the body is quite of and they had to pump me with some morpine kind to get me to sleep cause i just vomited and scream to the intensive care personal to please end my life cause every breath feelt like someone was smacking me with the hammer of thor :/, was cause of my diabetes said it was pretty close 25min later it would been certain death. But thank god theres doctors, and i could play with my Xiaomi mi5 s the days i had to be there after, Great phone i love Xiaomis stuff and all asian technology.
    Since ive been pretime retierdment since i was 23 or 9 years ago i dont have much pension so the price for the great stuff they do down there our friends in asia im from sweden my self northern part above the polecircle.
    Aint much sun here and being without capability to work or even walk 200meters outside my own apartment, cause of compartment syndrome and really damaged nerves, more thanks to one of the top 5 most horrible diabetic patients this country has. I have alot of pain i eat highest dose of Temgesic same medecine as old many long gone H addicts get trying to quit to get a better life but i get it for my pain and it makes me atleast to make it to the bathroom and maybe outside on the balcony in the sun. But having this costs alot to medecine costs as i eat 137 pills a week and takes 7 insuline shots per day, did have an pump for a long time since i was the first under 18years in sweden to get one cause my big hospital in my city couldnt comprehend and get my diabetes on check so i got swedens best diabetes professor that has worked and study it at that time around 1998 for 30years…. Gah my autism spectrum makes it an nightmare to write sorry.
    1000 toughts in 1 second thanks to the compliment of very massive adhd, was hard in school and cause of my diabetes i spent same amounth at the hospital as in school so my writing so now im just gonna write the little i was thinking of writing in the beginning.

    Well i love the Asian price market cause im living on the lowest income there is have searched for econnomic help and is was really damn badluck i did forget this nice giveaway “Competition or what i should call it” was really all prices but 1 i really needed. Bought an Chuwi Hi8 that broke 2months after i got it from my wife that she had save to, bought it at gearbest but their customor service is an joke i got 3 Dollars from them to use in my next buy. Then on the summer 2016 i really missed an Tablet to just surf on tought Chuwi HI8 Pro would be great with an bluetooth stand with english keyboard it was really sweet 3 weeks since i got it the battery went to zero when i was out in the sun, and when i try to load it with original chuwi cable and powersupply no loading lamp the battery i think gets warm but no lamp and no way to turn it on. So i wished i had won the Teclas or the Mi6 cause my mi5s 3/64 that my wife gave me this christmas has some wierd Miui8 think it called vendor rom, it has an adware trojan in the system files to so i cant delete it, and no i cant login to netflix anymore either cause it says is modded. I might get the knowledge to change the firmware to normal global rom or China rom with English cause i never use swedish just talk it with my wife. But in the beginning of february this year my old bought reused and got half the computer from 2 old friends i live now 1000km afrom and dont have any one i know here where i live now and dont have an family but think the psu did electricute my pc just black screen the xeon x5670 or/and the motherboard asus rampage extreme 3 is dead and maybe more. And i dont have the money to buy an new computer so i have no way to change the rom on my phone it uses 1gb more than it should at max i have 668mb ram free and it sucks battery like an i dont know, plus no ota updates or nothing cause some things are very buggy but i love the phone when it works.
    I tought i had 2 laptops one msi gx740 from 2010 that i bought for insurance money when it was new had it in my storage did go to fetch it found that 1 or 2 heavy moving boxes had fell on the laptop so the screen is broke on over 20 places and the chassis is like an little U shaped but then i tought my wifes old Asus x501a should work. Have used it days i havent the energy to get up from bed to remote controll thru Teamviewer to my main pc the x58. Pushed the button worked fine 1 week before took 1hour to get it to load in to windows rebooted it try to do an system file check got bluescreen after bluescreen so tried with 3 windows 10 usb from scandisc and kingston and some other mark that ive installed windows from before on other computers even had an old windows 7 usb drive but was no way to install so the hard drive had failed so all my computers failed in 4 days or atleast i found out that in 4 days. So the only thing with an keyboard is an Acer chromebook cb3 131 that i got for my wife. But that is no use what i can say? Must be an windows machine right to get an normal rom? my eciggarettes or vaporizers needs updates to and my dx200 “dna200” where you program the coils in windows escribe, Anyways now i writing like an baffoon again, Sorry.

    But hey congratiolations on theyre 5y 🙂 Must check their site in love companys that celebreates with give aways. So i hope they will have many years still to come :):)
    And im gonna check this site out for more maybe an tablet or phone or so will be more giveaways. Love that the chromebook gets update from gizchina its sweet. I will always buy chinese good electronics and good ideas and i damn wished i could live over there seems like my kind of people and had same ideas like me. Have some vape sellers and creators on skype and damn they are friendly. Keep it up with this good site i love reading here many great news. And sorry for my bad writing, none will ever have the energy to read this anyhow. I stay away from social media cause of i cant write like others. But now im gonna stop being an emo. im glad for the winners of this awsome stuff!!! Happy 2017 People. Best regards // Marcus J “mrmacki1984 on instagram 🙂 “