Do you think 3:2 is the ideal tablet aspect ratio ? Chuwi surely does


Popularity of tablet aspect ratios are changing like the wind throughout the short history of the gadget type. First following the rise of grandpa iPad everybody pumped out 4:3 devices, then 16:9 became the norm and these days some big names in the industry are starting to swear on the 3:2 ratio. Like Microsoft with the Surface models or Chuwi with their latest models.

According to the research tablets with 3:2 aspect ratio can offer better  productivity fitting more of the content on the screen. And with the usage of the bigger tablets shifting from just the entertainment to work purposes too, it becomes surely surely a thing. The following chart can illustrate that.

16:9 4:3 3:2
Landscape Mode 84.4% 88.9% 100% Picture
Portrait Mode 77.7% 96.4% 98.4% Text


All of the latest Chuwi products from their tablet lineup are carrying the 3:2 aspect ratio and you can find more about that on their website. You can either go for the cheaper Cherry Lake models like Chuwi Hi10 Plus with 10.8″ FullHD screen and dual-boot, eventually the bigger Chuwi Hi12 with 12″ 2K scree and full sized USB ports. Or you can jump to the top of the line with maybe Chuwi Hi13 sporting 13.5″ 3K display, Apolo Lake processor and big memory or Chuwi Surbook with 12.3″ 2736×1824 pixel screen.

What do you think is the best aspect ratio for the tablet models ? Let us know in the comments below.

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