UMIDIGI Z1 will be potentially using Samsung’s Super AMOLED display


News about the UMIDIGI flagship Z1 keep coming or rather trickling and today we have a new tidbit hinting at the possibility, that it will be equipped with the Samsung’s Super AMOLED display. It would make sense, because the ultra slim AMOLED design enables the construction of ultra thin smartphones and Z1 will be just that with 6.95 mm thickness.

In theory AMOLED reduces 30% of power consumption, and even when the phone is not turned on, necessary information will continuously display on the screen. The AOD(Always On Display) reduces power consumption significantly. AMOLED makes the DCI P3, the digital cinema color standard, up to 94% coverage, while the AMOLED’s self-emission technology delivers authentic colors to viewers with color vision deficiency. AMOLED reduces the hazard bluelight levels two times, which makes it much healthier to the eyes than LCD, and avoid eye fatigue and dry eye syndrome.

The official giveaway event for the UMIDIGI Z1 is still active on their website and the news really keep coming on the daily basis first published in the same place. So keep checking if you are interested in this promising mobile piece.

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