Elephone P8 to Feature Superior Audio Quality with NXP Amplifier

Just after the launch of the Elephone P8 Mini some weeks ago, Elephone are already working on their next handset — the Elephone P8, which is said to bring superior audio quality to the tablet; let’s learn more about it!

The Elephone P8 will be featuring an NXP smart amplifier for a superior audio quality. What are the benefits of using NXP technology, though? Here are a few:

  • Louder sound: the maximum possible volume from small speakers
  • Deeper bass: reproduces lower audio frequencies than traditional systems
  • Better quality: unmatched sound clarity with amplifier clipping and speaker distortion reduction
  • Longer life: prevents speaker damage with adaptive excursion control and real-time temperature protection

NXP audio amplifiers also offer a turn-key solution for getting the most from micro-speakers and the most advanced protection algorithm with the widest range amplifier options ensuring the best sound from your mobile device.

So, at least on paper the Elephone P8 will be bringing a better than average sound quality. Is that enough to make you buy one? Let us know in the comments below!

…And here’s what Elephone think you’ll be doing with the P8:

Learn more about the phone on Elephone’s official website.

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