UMIDIGI Z1 confirmed with dual-lens rear camera


Another key feature gets confirmed by UMIDIGI today ,that their upcoming flagship model UMIDIGI Z1 will feature a dual camera setup. When the dual camera setup is so common on (not just) flagship phones, the frontline-reaching UMIDIGI will surely not miss this important feature on their new flagship piece.

We are yet to know the specific details of the dual camera, but we can safely assume the company will be using some higher-end sensors lining up with the projected high ceiling price. So we have to wait for the closer look at the camera and the exact confirmation if it’s going to be the recently popularized RGB + monochrome setting.

Besides the dual camera, what we know so far about UMIDIGI Z1 includes the 6.95mm  thin body with a big battery capacity, although the exact capacity has not been revealed yet. Plus, UMIDIGI Z1 will probably apply AMOLED as the screen display according to the latest information. You can learn more about the model on the official website and also participate in a giveaway event and $9.99 subscription.

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