Samsung working on a new Gear VR headset with 2000ppi resolution?

It seems Samsung has special plans for the VR technology and their new Gear VR Headset (the successor to this year’s model) is expected to offer a much improved experience, along with a new 2000 ppi display!

gear vr

Rumor has it that the Korean company has already decided to use a special OLED display with impressive resolution (2000ppi) that will surely eliminate the unpleasant feeling of nausea caused from continuous usage of VR features. Also note that – unlike the current Gear VR that requires the use of your phone – the new headset will be able to deal with this independently, offering an even better performance.

Have in mind that a resolution of 2000 ppi is extremely high: if you want some comparisons, then the Oculus Rift has a ppi of 461, same as that of the HTC Vive for each of its screens. The Galaxy S8 has a pixel density of 570 ppi which is extremely high as far as smartphones are concerned so you can understand what Samsung plans to do in the near future.

The new Gear VR headset is expected to launch with the Galaxy S9 next year and is sure to have an expensive price tag – which is normal, given the fact that it will be equipped with such a display.

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