Sharp will launch a pair of completely bezeless devices on the 17th...

Sharp will launch a pair of completely bezeless devices on the 17th of July


The race to become the first manufacturer to launch a completely bezeless device has officially ended, and the unexpected winner is Sharp. In a way, this probably should’ve been expected, seeing as Sharp were the ones who really kicked off the trend with the stunning Sharp Aquos Crystal years ago.

The brand new bezeless devices are the Sharp FS8016 and FS8010, two identical devices with different processors. Where the FS8016 features a Snapdragon 660 processor, the FS8010 will have a Snapdragon 330. They will come in two variants of 4GB and 6GB RAM, both paired with 64GB internal memory.

Both models will feature a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 2048 x 1080p and really high screen to body ratios. Both devices will come with dual 12MP rear cameras and an 8MP shooter. As for the preloaded software, both devices will come running on Android 7.1.1. We’ll be able to find out more at the official launch on the 17th of July.

This is quite the impressive feat for Sharp, though they’ve been pulling this stuff for quite a while now. These devices are still clearly mid-range devices though, which means any plucky company can still claim the spot of first high-end bezeless device.

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  • Chris

    Sorry Apple, but iPhones are starting to look so old-fashioned.

  • They both look really nice.

  • Çağrı Babuçcuoğlu

    What is Snapdragon 330? There’s no info about it. Can it be S430?

    • Captain Woof

      Probably. Either a 430 or the extremely low end 200-series. Even the 430 is quite weak considering the other specifications the phone has are quite good.

    • mikaere66

      Perhaps the OP made a type or two, and is actually referring to the Adreno 330 GPU which comes with the Snapdragon 800 SOC

    • Ankit ‘aKp’ Pal

      Also maybe it can be SD630

      • Karly Johnston

        Or 835 with OLED

  • Assefa Hanson

    the amount of disrespect/underrating in this article for sharp, sharp is easliy the leader in smartphone displays they are big on display innovation and it is surprising a sharp display would make such a feat? but if it were samoled though……..

    • mikaere66

      Am I missing something … I read the article 3 times, and still fail to see any disrespect/underrating in this article!

      • Assefa Hanson

        Seeing how sharp basically pioneered the bezeless race I don’t know how it was said it is an unexpected winner shouldn’t anyone who knows sharp would anticipate this

        • CousinSkeeta

          Sharp did start something but samsung gets the credit for bezeless trend i.e note edge… And sharp makes the second best displays samsung again has that on lock..

          • Assefa Hanson

            Samsung didn’t start the bezeless trend that goes to the mi mix look how long the note line had curves and no one followed, and if we are going to put a plural on displays I’d say sharp is best samsung has SAMOLED only

            • CousinSkeeta

              Without the note edge the phone that started the trend of minimizing the bezels. The sharp aquos Crystal came out the same time but all they did was put all the bezel at the bottom… where as the note took away… which in terms led to the s6 edge plus… who had anything at that point that was available to everyone?

            • cyril symbio


            • cyril symbio

              Are you working for Sharp? I mean, why are you so sensitive about it? People die every day on earth from horrible wars, and other shits… I kinda feel like there is too much energy put into defending a big Japanese corporation, which is not better not worse than any other big corporation… We can discuss about who is the first who is the best, but point at marks of disrespect just because someone is surprised to see Sharp coming out with that screen before Samsung… What the point man? We can be surprised, especially seeing how Sharp reduced the headcount to sanitize their books. They are in financial trouble, it’s not a secret. With less engineers, you find less stuffs. Where is the disrespect in it? Talk about the Sharp Employees who have been thanked and sent back home to reduce the company’s expenses.

            • Assefa Hanson

              Alright relax you saw two words disrespect and underrating you yourself choose the sensitivite option and fixated on the word disrespect,leave the horible wars out of this. just like you and anyone else here i decide what energy I want to put in and how much just like you have the freedom to be here telling me what I should be talking about allow me to rant on what I want to rant on about don’t be a hypocrite

            • cyril symbio

              So I have the freedom to be an hypocrite, don’t tell me to not be. And yes, you are very much aggressive when you address to others, read again your post. So People has the right to tell you to calm down. You are free to tell what you want, but you have the obligation to moderate the way you express yourself, the society doesn’t revolve around you.

            • Assefa Hanson

              You interpreter my message as aggressive and so what if I’m agreessive your acting like I asked anyone to reply you also have the obligation to reply or not to reply you made the investment to reply so that’s your responsibility and I did moderate how I expressed myself according to my standard not yours or anyone elses

      • Chazz Matthews

        I think the reader is referring to the “mid range” description of these phones, which is quite accurate considering they don’t have Snapdragon 8xx or 1440p resolution.

    • Chazz Matthews

      Pointing out Snapdragon 6xx are not the specs of a premium phone is not “disrespect”. Every top tier OEM uses 1440p or higher resolution. Sharp may be a leader in displays but until they put latest Snapdragon 8xx with 1440p in their phones, they will not be in the same arena as Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, HTC, etc.

      • Assefa Hanson

        You know I also used the word underrating quote that too, Apple doesn’t use 1440 stop preaching specs gospel, brand image and recognition is the most important step into reality and understand that people that know most about phones is a tiny consumer base

  • realjjj

    5.5 inch is too small for18:9.

    A 6 incher would be about 67mm x 134mm for the active display area so give us 6 to 7 inch phones if you are gonna go 18:9.

    • cyril symbio

      buy an ipad bro

      • realjjj

        How about you buy some neurons ,maybe then you can understand the conversation. Assuming you have finished the 4th grade.

        • cyril symbio

          4th grade was too hard for me, I chosen to not go, and follow that chat instead. Much more simple. If you get what I mean. And yes, it’s stupid to always aim to wider and wider and wider screens, like if your thumb was getting longer and longer by the years.

          • Bagni

            Just fuck off

            • cyril symbio

              Sure, show me the way, I will follow you!

  • Simon

    Will these be available outside Asia ?

  • Karim Magdi

    So the front camera is 8mp?

  • bbc

    Snapdragon 330? did you mean sd430

  • Rocky Raja

    Eagerly waiting for the review

  • Steven Pearson

    It’s pathetic!
    Earlier sharp introduced Sharp Aquos Cristal, but later Xiaomi got hyped with Mi Mix :/

  • Samuel Horne

    This sounds amazing.