Watch: Elephone P8 Premium NXP Audio Amplifier in Action

The Elephone P8 is the company’s camera-centric phone of 2017, as such it comes with an high resolution 21MP rear camera and a 16MP selfie shooter on the front. But Elephone didn’t stop there and made it one of the best sounding (at least on paper) budget friendly phones from China by equipping it with an NXP audio amplifier.

elephone p8

With the cost saving measures Chinese companies take to bring super cheap devices to us, they don’t usually equip their devices with high-end components. One of those components is usually the phone’s audio amplifier, which isn’t really seen as important from manufacturers.

On the other side, Elephone, coming out of the schemes, decided to implement an high quality NVP audio amplifier on their Elephone P8. NXP amplifiers are usually seen on more expensive devices such as iPhones, Vivo phones and some others.

In the video below we can hear what the Elephone P8 sounds like (use earphones for a better experience).

Now, it’s hard to convey how the phone sounds in real life, so here are a few key features the NXP audio amplifier provides:

  • Louder sound: the maximum possible volume from small speakers
  • Deeper bass: reproduces lower audio frequencies than traditional systems
  • Better quality: unmatched sound clarity with amplifier clipping and speaker distortion reduction
  • Longer life: prevents speaker damage with adaptive excursion control and real-time temperature protection

Elephone P8

Learn more about the Elephone P8 and its NXP audio amplifier over at the company’s official website.

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