TomTop Selling The OnePlus 5 For €409.99

oneplus 5 vs oppo r11

Online reseller TomTop has a special offer for GizChina readers which will get you the OnePlus 5 for just €409.99!

Back in the day, it was always quite difficult to get hold of a new OnePlus smartphone. Since the OnePlus 3 things got easier and now with the OnePlus 5 buying the phone is as simple as can be.

However, if you want to get the OP5 at the best price you’re still better off looking at what Chinese resellers can do for you.

If you were to buy the OnePlus 5 on the official OnePlus store in Italy, for example, it would cost you €499.99 for the 6GB RAM version of the latest “flagship killer”, however, if you head to you could save €90!

Even at TomTop’s regular price the Snapdragon 835 powered Android flagship costs only €437.58, but GizChina readers can get this remarkable dual camera phone for only €409.99 with the following discount code.

To buy the OnePlus 5 for just €409.99 head over to, add the OnePlus 5 to your shopping basket and then add the following discount code: 1LCXPZ0076

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