Vkworld Z3310 available for just $9.99 on Gearbest for a week

Vkworld Z3310

Vkworld Z3310 is one of the most interesting clones of the re-launched new version of Nokia 3310 and it even offers more features and better specs than the original. And with the phone now officially launched on Gearbest comes the big promo event, which lowers the already low price. From July 10th to July 16th you can get the Vkworld Z3310 for just $9.99 instead of the retail $19.99.

Compared to Nokia 3310 the Vkworld Z3310 comes with a bigger 1450 mAh battery, more supported network bands, tough and sturdy build capable of cracking walnuts, additional LED torch light on the top and Class K amplifier supporting the FM radio. More or less everything you would need from a “dumb” phone, which can be perfect for the elderly or just the simplicity-seekers.

And if you would be maybe looking for even more durable phone as your back-up piece then give another look to the Stone V3 model with IP68 certification, big 3000 mAh battery and the powerbank function. Once again available for quite a fraction of the money needed for most of the higher smartphones-

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