Cubot S1 enters AliExpress’ Tech Discovery with 20% off Discount

Cubot S1

Cubot in partnership with AliExpress are launching a flash sale on their latest Cubot S1 smart bracelet (of which you can read a review here), where you’ll be able to get the device at a 20% discount. This means $39.99 instead of its full retail price of $49.99; let’s learn some more about the product.

Cubot S1

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The Cubot S1 is a smart band packed with tons of health features which could help you improve your lifestyle. We go from the 24-hour dynamic heart rate monitoring, where the bracelet keeps logging your heart rate throughout the day (very useful if you’re training hard), to the automatic sport identifier which will allow the bracelet to understand what kind of activity you’re performing in that exact moment.

Cubot’s sport band also comes with temperature, pressure monitoring, remote camera control to snap photos remotely using the S1 as a shutter button and music manager to switch between songs. The Cubot S1 sports a sedentary and drink alerts to remind you when to either have a walk or drink some water, it’ll show calls, messages notifications, and track your movements using the phone’s GPS.

The smart bracelet is a very simple accessory and its new smartphone app allows you to keep track of all your activities, when you connect them via bluetooth. It can withstand water drops such as when you’re washing your hands or taking a shower. The battery has a capacity 85mAh and will give you a 30 days autonomy in optimal conditions.

You can get the Cubot S1 smart bracelet over at AliExpress for $39.99 starting on July 18th end ending on July 25th.

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