UHANS Note 4, Xiaomi build and specs for $60 less!

There is no denying that UHANS has really moved things up a notch this year, and with the release of the UHANS Note 4 they really are taking the fight to Xiaomi.

We first wrote about the UHANS Note 4 here, here this all CNC metal phone was thoroughly compared with the Xiaomi version. At that time we didn’t know all the UHANS Note 4 details, but even then it was easy to see that Xiaomi had a new up and coming rival to compete against.

Today we learn that the UHANS Note 4 is not only equal in design and specification to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, but even better than all that, it will cost as much as $60 less!

Where as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 can be bought for $170 online (which is a very good price), the UHANS Note 4 is cheaper at only $110!

What’s more, the UHANS Note 4 comes with a stock Android 7.0 operating system out of the box while Xioami has the Redmi Note 4 ticking over on MIUI based on Marshmallow.

Android 7.0 on the UHANS Note 4 means that users can take advantage of the very impressive split screen features of the operating system allowing two apps to run at once.

Specification highlights of the UHANS Note 4 include a rear located fingerprint scanner, main 13 megapixel Sony camera, memory expansion slot and compatibility with 128GB SD cards, 3GB RAM and a generous 4000mAh battery.

We’re sure with such a low price the UHANS Note 4 is going to be a huge success, the only detail we don’t know now is just when and where we will be able to purchase the phone.

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We’ll be keeping a close eye on the UHANS.cc website for updates and more news.

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