Snapdragon 836 rumored to power upcoming Google Pixel 2 flagship

We have listened to lots of rumors regarding the Snapdragon 835 SoC, the upcoming updated chipset by Qualcomm, scheduled to boost most of the smartphones we’re gonna see by the end of the year. The processor will retain the same GPU and CPU as its predecessor, but it will stick to the tradition and offer a full set of overclocked cores!

snapdragon 836

At first rumors said that the SD836 SoC would power the Galaxy Note 8 model but as you might have found out by now, this is not the case. What we do know is that the upcoming Google Pixel 2 flagship is expected to be equipped with this specific chipset, just like Google did last year when the Pixel was unveiled with a Snapdragon 821 SoC for the first time. Starting with Google, Qualcomm plans to cooperate with most manufacturers with this chipset: Xiaomi will use it in its Mi Note 3/Mi MIX 2 models, OnePlus plans to do the same when they launch their OnePlus 5 successor (named OnePlus 5T or 5s) by the end of the year and other companies like Sony, HTC etc.

However the big guns will appear next year when the Snapdragon 845 SoC powers most of the flagship models of 2018 starting with Samsung’s Galaxy S9. Note that we have seen a quad core SD840 variant of this upcoming chipset appearing in some Samsung models, but we don’t know what it’s purpose and if it will be unveiled anytime soon.

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