Fidget Spinner or Fidget Cube for less than $1 at Gearbest

Fidgets can be a very effective and helpful self-regulation tool as they help focusing and concentration, decrease stress, increase tactile awareness of fingers/hands and keep you busy at the same time. If you’re in need of this kind of toy for health reasons or you just want to have fun, then check out these deals on two fun playthings!

As you might have guessed from looking at the image, we’re now talking about a fidget spinner. This specific model is made of ABS and it’s bearing material is Stainless Steel, so it’s very durable. The 608 is what we can call a tri-spinner with a very minimal design, thus it can be purchased by pretty much everybody (above 3 years old).

You can get the fidget spinner for just $0.49 over at Gearbest with the coupon code 608ABSlaxin (choose China warehouse).

Gizchina News of the week

The second toy we have a look at today is a really cool looking fidget cube. The toy comes in a black and green color combination and it’s made of ABS as well.

The fidget cube features six different stress relievers, we have a face with 5 switches that sound differently, a rocker, a light switch, a smooth ball, a gamepad-like stick and a rotating plate.

You can get the fidget cube for just $0.99 over at Gearbest using the coupon code ABSlaxin.

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