Azdome DAB211 Car DashCam comes with 2.5D Heat Dissipation Design

It’s summer and the inside of our cars can reach the temperature of a small electric oven, so how long will it take before a cheap dashcam will simply overheat to the point of breaking? Well, we can’t know that for certain but we’re sure having a dashcam with some heat dissipation might prolong its life time.

But as you may have read in the title, today we’re talking about a specific camera, it’s the latest DAB211 released from the dashcam experts over at Azdome.

The Azdome DAB211 does indeed comes with what the company calls “2.5D radian design” which is a way to dissipate heat more efficiently. That’s crucial as a dashcam running hot is not stable and it might just stop recording when you need it the most.

Azdome’s car cam also comes with a power efficient Ambarella A12 chipset which doesn’t warm up too much to begin with. Other important specs include the OV4689 image sensor which can record videos at 2560*1440 30fps paired up with a 150-degree wide angle lens.

Azdome DAB211

Learn more about the Azdome DAB211 on their official website.

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