Dual Cameras Come To Dashcams With With The New Azdome GS65H

Catchy name it is not, but the Azdome GS65H does have a unique selling point and is the first dash camera to feature front and rear cameras.

Who would have thought that the humble dash camera could become such an important piece of technology for our daily lives? Drivers around the world are now fitting high-tech forward facing cameras to their cars to gather evidence which might help in criminal investigations or insurance cases and once again China is the go-to country for this tech.

Generally speaking, dash cameras are quite basic devices when you compare them to cameras on your smartphone or even on an action camera, but this new camera from Azdome seems some unique and high-performance features.

First of all the Azdome GS65H is the world’s first dual camera dash camera with a main Sony IMX323 sensor concentrating on the road ahead of your vehicle and second cameras facing inside the cabin.

The addition of a second internal facing camera could be of great use if your vehicle was ever broken into and you needed some video evidence to help catch the offender or offer to you insurance company.

The GS65H also benefits from a Novatek96655 chipset and 2.4-inch display meaning the unit can capture high-quality video and quickly play it back over the built in display.

The screen is also used to navigate through the Azdome GS65H’s operating system too, which supports multiple languages for use all around the world.

Attaching the Azdome GS65H to your vehicle couldn’t be easy to thanks to a highly advanced suction cup design that allows the camera to rotate a full 360 degrees.

What we really like about the Azdome GS65H is the G-sensor that can sense changes in the vehicle’s movement and automatically begin filming. This is perfect and means you don’t have to hunt through hours of footage to get to the video that you need.

Azdome is already seeing some success for the Azdome GS65H online and is selling the camera through Amazon and Aliexpress.

Learn more on the official Azdome website.

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