The Azdome DAB211 records distortion free dash cam footage

Dash cameras are becoming a very important addition to any car, but what’s the point in having one if the video they capture is no use?

Azdome has been specializing in the manufacture of car dash cams for some time and the new DAB211 is their latest camera to date. The main selling point of this new phone is the use of the prominent Ambrella A12 chipset, a chip that is able to record footage without the usual lens distortion we tend to see.

The Ambrella chipset managed so record and shoot distortion free video and stills with high-quality details so that you can be sure that any footage record will be clear and useable.

In addition to the Ambrella A12 chipset, and distortion free video recording the Azdome DAB211 also features an adjustable camera, ships with 2 mounting kits (a 3M sticky patch and suction cup) so that you can mount the camera in the perfect location.

In addition to distortion free video the DAB211 also has HDR features too, so you can be sure that all media recorded will be of the highest quality.

If you would like to learn more about the Azdome DAB211 then head on over to the official Azdome website where they have full specifications details of each of their products.


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