Now SIRI can dim your lights with the Koogeek Smart Dimmer

The smart home, once the dream of every tech geek and now an easily attainable reality.

China makes a lot of the cool tech that we all love. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, drones, cameras and more, but now the market that is growing the fastest is the smart home area.

Smart home products vary greatly from robot vacuum cleaners to WIFI enabled bulbs, but here’s another smart product that you can install in your home right now, the Koogeek WI-FI enabled smart dimmer.

The smart dimmer takes the place of your regular wall mounted light switch and has a normal switch for manual use, but once hooked up to the WIFI and sync to a smartphone the switch can be used to remotely switch your lights on or off or even dim them.

The smart features work at home or even if you’re away from the house and just want to turn the lights on for security features. Koogeek has even designed its smart dimmer to worth with Apple HomeKit meaning that you can have normal app control over your lights or even use SIFI via your phone, tablet, PC or Apple Watch to control the lights.

Koogeek is selling the smart dimmer through Amazon in bundles ranging from 2 to 6 with pricing starting at just $86.99.

Full details of this clever smart home product are available here, and if you want to order own you can visit Amazon.

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