Who is the better looking one ? Vernee M5 or iPhone 7 ?

Vernee M5

Phones from the Vernee brand are in most cases at the very top of the craftmanship of the phone making and sometimes you can be almost amazed at the price/looks ratio. And because chinese makers are often mesmerized by everything Apple they produced a small comparison between the appearence of their latest Vernee M5 and the iPhone 7.

Even though Vernee M5 is not by far a high-end model you can hardly tell any difference at a first glance, metal texture of the build all around. It’s a bit bigger than the iPhone’s 4.7-inch display with 5.2-inch one, but at least it should make it more comfortable to hold in bigger hands. And while being bigger it on the other hand keeps things pretty slim in the thickness department with only 6.9mm.

As mentioned before both phones have a sandblasted metal body and both also share the sale 2.5D curve design both front and back. Vernee M5is differentiated by the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, while iPhone is keeping the traditional front placement integrated in the Home button. But overally the Vernee’s latest device feels in hand no way equal to the budget price and is fairly comparable in the appearance and design level with the iPhone itself without any significant compromises.

But the price point is what sets them both apart, because Vernee M5 first published price for the first 3000 units is just $129.99 and you can find it on Gearbest. If you will need more information about the phone, nothing easier than visiting the official Vernee website.

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