Adzome Reveal Price Of its Ambrella A12 Dash Cam

We brought news of the new Adzome DAB211 in car camera last week, now the product gets official pricing.

Dash cameras are popping up everywhere, and while it is a sad reflection on people as a whole, these devices do help to log accidents and incidents so that those in the wrong can be identified and prosecuted.

With such an important job, it makes little sense to build a dash camera using inferior parts. The better the components the better the video and the clearer the imaging.

For Adzome’s DAB211 the brand has opted to use an Ambrella A12 chip in the camera, similar to those found in action cameras and is sure to offer a boost in video processing power.

The DAB211 also gets an OV4689 sensor for capturing HDR video at 1440p. The camera is also fitted with night vision feature, onboard GPS and versatile mounting system to keep it safely in place while on the move.

Although this is one feature packed and powerful camera, the Adzome DAB211 is actually going to go on sale for an affordable price. $120 will get you this device, and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Full details about the Adzome DAB211 are available over on the official Adzome website.

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