Qualcomm Snapdragon-Powered Elephone S9 in the Works

The Elephone S8 just came out and Elephone are already working on their next big hit – the Elephone S9. The smartphone is indeed rumored to be coming with an high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and other Samsung S8-like features.

Some of the Samsung S8 inspired features we’ll find on the Elephone S9 are the 18:9 display aspect ratio and the use of a flexible AMOLED display, a first for Elephone.

So, in theory, the Elephone S9 will sport a similar screen-to-body ratio to the Samsung device, with very thin side bezels (because of the curved display) and thicker top and bottom ones.

People over at Elephone are really excited about the phone and they’re working hard to make it a great flagship alternative, also for that reason the smartphone won’t be cheap. You can expect to pay around half as much as a Samsung Galaxy S8, which wouldn’t be a lot if the S9 is powered by an high-end Snapdragon CPU.

The Elephone S9 is still far from its launch, so you could instead get the Elephone S8 now on sale over at Gearbest for the time being.

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