Watch: Azdome GS65H 24-Hours Parking Monitor Mode

In many parts of the world dashcams are a must. For example, they can be used to show the car insurance you were in the right and thus avoid paying an increased bill. Some dashcams can also be used as parking monitors for when you park your car and somebody hits it without providing contact information.

All these basic features are provided in most car dashcams produced by Azdome – a world leader in the sector. Indeed both the Azdome DAB211 and GS65H are equipped with a 24-hour parking monitor functionality.

So, Azdome decided to show us how this technology works, so let’s check out the video down below!

As we’ve seen in the video, the Azdome GS65H will turn on and start recording automatically if it detects any collision or vibration, the recording file will also be saved and “locked” for us to find conveniently and not to get overwritten. So if you find any damage on your car, you can use the video footage to find the despicable driver and make him pay for the repairs.

The Azdome GS65H will also shut off automatically after recording for some time, so that the video footage is saved correctly and doesn’t get corrupted from a sudden lost of power. When the car is off, the GS65H’s built-in 450 mAH polymer lithium battery will power the camera to record as much video as possible if it gets activated.

Azdome GS65H

You can learn more about the Azdome GS65H over on the official website.

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